Ditting Cast Steel Flat Burrs
Ditting Burrs in Multiple Sizes
Ditting Cast Steel Flat Burrs



Flat Burrs

Flat burrs are one of the most common burr types used in coffee grinders. They consist of two flat discs with sharp teeth arranged in specific patterns and facing each other.

The shape and size of the burrs and the distance between them affect the grind size and consistency. Flat burrs are known for producing a uniform and consistent grind, making them popular within communities of professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts.

Our burrs undergo an industry-leading refinement process.

  • Casting: steel is cast into a blank molding to create discs of equal width.
  • Annealing: the discs then undergo heat treatment to eliminate internal material stresses to allow for easier machining and to prevent post-hardening deformation.
  • Machining: after annealing, the discs are precision machined to form the “burr” geometry.
  • Hardening: the burrs are then hardened, which is key to increasing lifetime resilience.
  • Blasting and other deburring: our burrs are blasted or deburred to prevent settling behavior or shard and metal pieces migrating into coffee grinds.
  • Regulatory conformity: As a final step, our burrs undergo a material migration test for food safety and are listed in each grinder’s certification report.

The crucial perfect match between the motor and the burr set is not ensured when replacing your burrs with imitation or non-Ditting burrs. The burr replacement with unoriginal burrs impacts performance, lifetime, liability and safety as well as warranty.

Cast Steel Characteristics:

  • Hardness: 64-66 HRC (Rockwell)
  • Settling-in time: approx. 50 kg
  • Very precise grinding and best taste
  • Very high grind speed output
  • 2x longer lifetime
  • Recommended for high-volume and industrial grinding
  • Customizable geometry, grinding capabilities from espresso to French press

Available Diameters:

  • Ø 80 mm
  • Ø 98 mm
  • Ø 130 mm
  • Ø 180 mm

Target Grind Life (median setting)*:

  • Ø 80 mm: approx. 2'500 kg
  • Ø 98 mm: approx. 6'000 kg
  • Ø 130 mm / 180 mm: approx. 15-20 tons

*All values measured with standard configuration under laboratory conditions. Subject to change without prior notice.

  • Reach out and speak with our product experts to see how Ditting burrs can fit into your product vision