Ditting EMV 64 Built In Grinder
Professional / Super-Professional

Built-in grinder for the perfect long coffee.



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  • 210 - 240 VAC
  • 110 - 120 VAC

Amperage: 2.5 A

Coarseness range: 350 - 800 µm

Average grinding performance: 4.40 g/s

Ideal daily capacity: 500 shots

Potential rush hour capacity: 90 shots/hour

Target operating life (excl. burrs): 650'000 shots


  • Burr material: Special steel
  • Burr diameter: 64 mm

Dimension (w x h, ø): 132 x 217 mm, Ø 102 mm

Weight: 5'540 g

Recommended accessories:

*All values measured with standard configuration under laboratory conditions. Subject to change without prior notice.