Visions Espresso

Visions Espresso is based in Seattle, WA and started as a service company in 1986. While that is still a key element to what Visions is, they also sell all the equipment, smallwares and ceramics needed to run a cafe, restaurant, office or QS operation.

Visions strives to be a great partner to all their customers whether they are buying pallets or single units. Their key to partnerships is really listening to what the customer's goal is, how they want to present their coffee, what their timelines are and what sort of budget they have. They will always try to over communicate timelines and manage expectations so that customer stress is as minimal as possible and they feel supported throughout the process. 

Visions Espresso offers technical support by phone, email, video call and in person repair. They also fully support the 1 year warranty of each grinder. They are their customers go-to for service or questions after the sale and install are complete and are a partner for the duration.

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Visions Espresso sells the Ditting grinder range and continues to increase their spare parts stock in order to support new customers, and also be a spare parts resource for those who've purchased grinders no longer in production or purchased from somewhere else.