Schuilenburg was founded by coffee roasters in 1900. In the 1990s, Jan Adriaens led the way, driving expansion in the coffee sector with a focus on the man behind the machine. Schuilenburg works with a diverse mix of customers looking for coffee equipment that combines convenience, sleek design, and excellent quality. They guide their customers through the entire coffee process and show them the benefits tailored to their needs.

Schuilenburg doesn't just do business with companies, they invest in relationships with people and take time for them. They focus on making the coffee process as easy, efficient, and qualitative as possible. From A to Z, their team is available to support customers and ensure a consistent cup of coffee every time.

As a member of the SCA, Schuilenburg supports all coffee initiatives in Belgium. Their Coffee Campus is a showpiece, meeting hub, and place for workshops.

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The Schuilenburg team is a perfect blend of talent and passion, fueled by a shared love for (specialty) coffee and a genuine eagerness to help everyone.