Prima Coffee Equipment

Prima Coffee Equipment started in 2009 out of a refrigeration and restaurant equipment company. A lot has changed since 2009, but they are still operating as a group of coffee enthusiasts who love to help cultivate the enjoyment of life by selling the best brewing equipment on the market. They pride themselves on their education and ability to help customers get the most out of their equipment.

Prima isn't interested in selling a product and never working with a customer again. Prima partners with a wide network of technicians they can confidently recommend to customers that need equipment servicing outside of the region. They also create exceptional product content that enables customers to enjoy their purchases to their fullest potential.

The Prima Coffee Equipment team consumed over 300 lbs of coffee in the office in a year - that's a lot of equipment testing! As a team, they have over 120 years of coffee industry experience and very polarizing views on washed vs. naturally processed coffees.

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Prima operates as an e-commerce company that provides products and services across the US and are proud to offer the full range of Ditting grinders.

Based out of Louisville, KY, Prima's customers range from beginner brewers to prosumers to veteran cafe owners.