Pasquali Máquinas

Pasquali Máquinas is the trusted specialty coffee equipment source for the leading cafes, roasters, and coffee producers in Brazil. Throughout years of activation, both as equipment advisors and service providers, Pasquali Máquinas has developed deep connections with the coffee community partnering with coffee educators, micro batch roasters and baristas all over the country.

Their team is led by Leonardo Pasquali, a recognized professional in the world of specialty coffee who continues to be personally involved in technological evolutions in the sector. They are proud to be active participants in the history and training of the first generations of Brazilian baristas.

Pasquali Máquinas believes that Ditting's outstanding grinders, plus professional and highly skilled support are vital to the partnership and play a major role in the ultimate coffee quality that espresso machines, brewers, and drippers can produce.

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Since 2006, Pasquali Máquinas has been a proud partner supplying Ditting parts and grinders, and now the entire Hemro portfolio of brands, to the highest demanding customers in Brazil.