KRS Christoph Brieden e.K.

Since the late '90s, KRS Christoph Brieden e.K. has been involved with the subject of all things coffee. What initially started as only roasting coffee quickly expanded to include selling technical accessories.

Through this experience, the question arose for Christoph: "How do I create the perfect coffee enjoyment?" The foundation is always a good green coffee combined with the perfect roast, and having a good grinder is indispensable.

There is no better partner for KRS Christoph Brieden e.K. than Ditting. As a supporting dealer, they offer the entire Ditting product portfolio, focusing on shop grinders.

Get In Touch

For Christoph, fair and honest advice is important before and after the sale of a grinder. KRS is also happy to help with questions about burrs, spare parts, and accessories.