Kaffeekontor Bayern

Anyone entering Kaffeekontor Bayern would not think the company's origins were in the office machine trade. In 1983, senior boss Claus Huber set out on his own with just office machines before adding industrial coffee machines and then, finally, black Gold to the offering. Word quickly got around that Huber offered good coffee and the demand grew.

Whole beans do not make drinkable coffee on their own, so one of the greatest in the grinder scene, Ditting, joined the product range and has been a pillar of it ever since. Kaffeekontor Bayern is a family business that relies on its strong partners, always striving to present high-quality products for their customers. They deliver the best possible support and service, from coffee beans to home equipment and the commercial-gastronomic sector.

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Kaffeekontor Bayern has locations in Ingolstadt, Munich, and Schrobenhausen that are always available for customers to contact in need of professional advice.