Huracan Coffee

First and foremost, HURACAN COFFEE is the Roasters. They are proud members of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe since 2003. Since 2006, they have been participating on the jury panel of the "Cup of Excellence" competition.

The business started in 1999 with a small roasting place and only seven bags of their first coffee beans. HURACAN COFFEE now owns a modern roasting facility with production capabilities for tons of coffee. They are also coffee makers with a network of branded coffee shops, one of their distribution channels for freshly roasted coffee.

Professional coffee equipment is one of the most important elements to achieving the perfect quality in a cup of coffee. Ditting is a brand they are proud to represent in Lithuania.

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HURACAN COFFEE is also an official distributor of highly efficient, world-class coffee machines and the equipment needed for HoReCa and offices. If you want to know more about Ditting grinders, contact HURACAN COFFEE for a free consultation.