First Coffee Factory

First Coffee Factory is an innovative project since 2008, implemented for the very first time on the territory of Bulgaria. They offer a full range of coffee-related services, from selecting the best green coffee beans to roasting and mixing them to achieve the perfect taste and aroma to packaging and shipping to their customers. First Coffee Factory puts passion, energy, expertise, and, last but not least, lots of love into everything they do.

The team of experienced coffee professionals at First Coffee Factory works daily to improve the coffee quality and select new coffee varieties from around the world to offer the best product possible. They work mainly with specialty coffees and strive to improve Bulgaria's coffee culture.

In addition to working with the best coffees, First Coffee Factory also offers the best equipment to their customers so they can consistently achieve an irresistible coffee profile in the cup. That is why they have been partners with Ditting for several years and believe the products are always high quality.

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First Coffee Factory is happy to be a partner of Ditting, and they are confident that the combination of the best coffee and the best grinder always gives the best results! Additionally, they offer barista certification training for those new to coffee and people who want to work professionally with coffee. Highly qualified and self-improving, they create to bring delight to each coffee lover.