Die Espressonisten

Founded in 2009 by Patrick and Delia Grossmann in Potsdam near Berlin, the team of Die Espressonisten consists of over 30 people. Together they supply and service a wide array of professional customers in the Berlin metropolitan area and East German districts, such as roasteries, specialty coffee shops, and offices.

To offer their clients the whole spectrum of professional machines from reliable, good midrange setups to gorgeous high-end gear, Die Espressonisten loves to go the extra mile. They not only care about outstanding performance but take top-notch build quality and ease of service are just as important.

Not everyone can afford to enter the coffee business from the top, and Die Espressonisten knows that. But no worries, they have the best possible choice of equipment available when it comes to value for money. Customers don't have to spend a lot to play in the major league of coffee.

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They will assist you during your journey as best as possible. Do you want it all? Find your personal Eldorado of coffee gear with Die Espressonisten.