Coffee Atelier

Coffee Atelier has been a partner for over three years. Based in Cairo, their highly enthusiastic, well-trained, and certified staff is dedicated to helping spread coffee knowledge throughout Egypt. As a leading coffee equipment hub in the country, Coffee Atelier offers technical, professional, and consulting services to help cafes, restaurants, and hotels realize their specialty coffee goals.

They also offer barista training, as well as service and maintenance for equipment that they’ve sold, making them a full-service equipment distributor. On top of their distribution, training, and maintenance services, they also upgrade and refurbish vintage espresso machines. Coffee Atelier believes that grinding quality is at the core of every specialty coffee experience and is excited to help find the right equipment solutions for your coffee needs.

Get In Touch

You can reach out to Coffee Atelier with any coffee questions, and their staff is ready and prepared to help you with full-service consulting, no matter what your experience level is.