Barista Champions on tour with Ditting in East Asia

The Swiss Barista Champions Emi Fukahori & Mathieu Theis share a deep passion for coffee, its production, the various preparation methods and the perfect way of serving it to the guest. Their specialty coffee shop MAME in Zurich, Switzerland, is designed to “celebrate the beautiful character of each individual coffee”, as Emi explains. “Whether the guest prefers chocolaty, fruity or floral notes – we believe that the perfect cup of coffee is the one that you as individual enjoy the most. And our job is to help you finding exactly that perfect cup.” says Emi.

Ditting is proud to call such inspiring coffee professionals its friends. Together they set out to share their coffee expertise and insights on the grinders’ influences on the taste experience with some of Ditting’s partners in Asia.

The roadshow events at Kijeong in Korea and Wataru in Japan started with in-depth workshops about coffee grinding technology, showcasing the relation between particle sizes, extraction and taste. The theoretical part was followed by cuppings and sensory trainings with Emi and Mathieu who helped the participants understand how to sense the differences between a good and a truly outstanding taste experience.

Ditting thanks Emi and Mathieu for hosting these wonderful events, for sharing their passion and insights as well as Kijeong and Wataru for making this roadshow possible.