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Suggested Settings


These are the factory suggested settings.
Your customers' preferences may vary slightly.

1 -- Turkish (approx. 100 microns)
3 -- Espresso (approx. 300 microns)
5 - Paper Filter (approx. 500 microns)
6 -- Melitta (approx. 600 microns)
7 -- Metal Filter (approx. 700 microns)
8 -- Perculator (approx. 800 microns)
8 1/2 -- Pods (approx. 850 microns)
9 -- French Press (approx. 900 microns)

>> If your grinder is equipped with the Cold Brew extender (showing a grind range between setting #1 thru #12), the higher settings would be used for French Press and Cold Brew, according to your preference.

The settings on the Ditting dial correspond to the micron size, as shown above.

Please keep in mind that these settings are based on the assumption that the grinding discs are sharp, all components in the grinding chamber are in good condition, and that the grinder has been properly calibrated.
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