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Previous Ditting Grinder Models

Because Ditting grinders are durable, high-quality machines, there are many models still being used in the market which are no longer in production. If you own an older Ditting model or are interested in obtaining one, the following provides a bit of information for all older Ditting models that are being used in the United States. Parts are available for the models below through  Ditting USA, including the only supply (very limited) of KFG and KFH parts available anywhere in the world. Feel free to contact us if you are looking at a used Ditting grinder to purchase for any information we may be able to provide you BEFORE you make an investment. We are happy to make any recommendations we can.

Previously Manufactured Coffee Grinder Models

   - KFG Supermarket Grinder
   - KFH Portion Grinder
   - KFR804: 1 lb/min grinder, manufactured in mid-1980's
  - KS1/KS3 Supermarket Grinder, manufactured in the late 2000's
   - KF804:  1 lb/min grinder, manufactured late 70's to 2016
   - KR805: 1 3/4 lb/min grinder, manufactured in late-2000's to 2016
   - KFA901, KFA903: 2 lbs/minute grinder, manufactured from 1970's-1980's
   - KFA1201, KFA1203, KFR1203, KR1203 (pre-ETL): 3 lbs/min grinder, manufactured from 1970's thru late 1990's
   - KFA1401, KFA1403, KFR1403, KR1403 (pre-ETL): 6 lbs/min grinder, manufactured from 1970's through late 1990's
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