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Ditting USA

Current News in the world of Ditting and Ditting USA!

bullet2016 Factory Price Increases will be coming at the beginning of the year. Place your
orders NOW for 2015 prices.
bulletModel KF804 is now available as a special order item only. The KR804 - both as
a standard model and as a modified grinder - offer great features beyond the original
KF804 model design. The newer style discharge tube easily knocks out any coffee
particles that *might* be left in the tube between grinding - ideal for any lab and all
retail cafes. The standard model is equipped with a vibrator plate to assist with packing
the grounds to the bottom of your coffee bag. For labs grinding into a cup or bowl, or
for cafes grinding for pour-over, French Press, or any other application where a coffee
bag or filter is not used, we now offer a modified version of the KR804. You still have
the benefit of the newer style discharge tube, but we disconnect the vibrator plate and
mount it to the housing. This provides extra support for your container while reducing
any excess vibration and noise that would result from vibrating against the vessel.  6/23/2015
bulletHUGE NEWS for COLD BREW APPLICATION! We will now be offering a retrofit
adjustment gear kit for 1203 and 1403 series grinders. The standard adjustment gear
has a range between 100 microns to 900 microns. The modified gear, which can easily
be retrofit on-site, takes the range from 100 microns to 1200 microns!
See the full press release here!  10/15/2014
bulletCRITICAL: Unauthorized AFTER-MARKET grinding discs. There are
after-market grinding discs in the market that are known to cause frequent
jamming and, in some cases, damage to the grinding chamber itself. We
urge you to use only original Ditting parts in your grinder! Any use of
after-market parts, to include the grinding discs, will immediately void the
bullet NEW HEAD OFFICE! We are excited about our move into a larger facility in
Southeastern Michigan that will centralize everything for the U.S. market -
sales, technical support, complete reconditioning and repairs, shipping of
parts and grinders, and our resharpening program. This is effective
. Please update your records for our new mailing and shipping
address (including payment address). Our California office has closed -
please do not send faxes or shipments to our old California office address
as they will not be received. All faxed orders should be sent only to our
Michigan office to avoid any delays. Phone 810-367-7125. Fax 810-367-7130  2/24/2009