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Ditting Grinding Discs

ditting® grinding discs have a long life expectancy with regular wear. The following chart is based on normal grinding on a medium setting. Life expectancy will shorten with the finer grinds simply because the discs will be working harder and wearing out at a faster rate than with coarser grinds.

Warning: After-market discs are in the market and have been known to cause operating problems with the grinder and have also been linked to damage in the grinding chambers. The use of after-market discs will immediately void the warranty. The Ditting logo must appear on the back of the grinding discs to be official Ditting discs.

Some signs of wear are:
  • the grind is coming out coarse no matter what setting you are using;
  • the coffee is coming out hot;
  • the coffee continues to clog up inside the machine;
  • if you cannot get the correct fineness on the specified setting; or
  • if the grinder seems to be grinding slower than normal.

We have service steps here to assist you in installing new discs into your grinder.

>> Please note: effective January 1, 2018, Ditting is no longer offering resharpening on any Ditting grinding discs. <<
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