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Model Comparisons

Use the following table to help you match your application to the proper grinder. If in doubt on the size of the grinder you need, consider the next size up so that you are ready to meet the growing needs of your operation. Our commercial grinders and the KE640 on-demand espresso grinder are UL and cUL approved as well as ETL approved and tested to meet NSF-8 requirements. (Models KFA1403 and KF1800 do not carry the NSF seal).

All of our grinders give you the same uniformity and consistency over the entire range of settings. The main difference is in the speed of the grinding.

If you need a coffee grinder and volume and speed are not an issue, our 804 or 805 series grinders would get you started with a quality grinder to satisfy any application. If you expect to grind a lot of coffee during the course of the day, choose model KR1203. If you have 220 volts / 3 phase power available, consider the model KR1403 instead of the KR1203--for only a little bit more, you will get 60% more grinding speed, and the 3 phase grinder can be used non-stop, even for 8 hours straight. Before you order a 1403 or 1800 series grinder, make sure you have THREE PHASE power available in your store or roasting room.

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Grinder Model KF804 KR804 KR805 KR1203 KR1403 KFA1403 w/ Accessories KF1800
Application Small stores, cupping and roasting rooms. Restaurants grinding only into filters.  Up to 30 lbs/day grinding Start-up grinder and/or 2nd grinder for flavored coffee. Single cup serving. Up to 30 lbs/day grinding Small stores, single cup serving. Up to 30 lbs/day grinding Large store with heavy traffic. 45-60 lbs/day grinding. Our largest 110 volt model used in chain stores. Large store with very heavy traffic. Over 60 lbs/day grinding. The BEST grinder to consider IF you have 220v, 3ph. Roasteries. Great alternative to a KF1800 model, depending on application. Roasteries. Ideal for industrial use where huge grinding capacity is required.
Voltage/ cycles/ phase 110/60/1 110/60/1 110/60/1 110/60/1 220/60/3 220/60/3 220/60/3
Colors Available Black Black Charcoal grey Black or stainless steel Black or stainless steel Black Golden brown
Avg Grinding Capacity (lbs/min)* 1 1 1.75 3 6 6 12
Hopper capacity, lbs 1.1 1.1 1.1 2.4 2.4 22 66
Vibrator Plate No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Slide-Gate Cut-Off No No Yes No No Yes Yes
Extended Discharge Tube No No No No No Yes Yes
Grinding disc diameter, in mm 80 80 80 120 140 140 180
Average Disc Life (lbs) 15,000 15,000 15,000 25,000 35,000 35,000 100,000
Motor current drain, amps 6 6 7 13 10 10 19
Horse power .65 .65 .89 1.8 2.7 2.7 6.25
Grinder net weight, lbs 50 50 34.2 88 88 95 309
Grinder shipping weight, lbs 54 55 36 94 95 116 385
Dimensions, W"xD"xH' (space needed) 9.5x11x25 9.5x11x25 6.5x10.4x28 12.5x16x34 12.5x16x34 12.5x16x37 20"Wx20"Dx65"H

* Output varies by roast and grind size.

Additional features and accessories are available for models KR1203 and KR1403, including a 5 lb capacity hopper extension.

All electrical specifications are for the United States of America. Other voltages and requirements are available.